FabricAfric is a Nigerian Limited Company registered in 2016. The company is created to deal in all ramifications and ranges of indigenous and local creativity and fashion business, from clothlines to fashion accessories to modelling agency to artworks and consultancy in textile and design.

The different activities that our company is involved in include:

  1. Clothline and Brand: FabricAfric is into the manufacturing of two major categories of garments: Ready-to-wear and Mass market. These wears are made exclusively from local materials to encourage the promotion and popularity of local textiles. The different brands produced by the company would be made available as time goes on.
  2. Fashion School: FabricAfric’s fashion school is created to give basic to advanced knowledge about fashion, sewing and making of clothes. The school is coordinated by the company but run by seasoned and experienced tailors, seamstresses and fashion designers to give adequate knowledge to individuals who want to learn the basic and/or advanced aspects of fashion.
  3. Creativity Hub: FabricAfric’s creativity hub is a centre for conceiving and executing of creative and innovative ideas from and for skilled and talented people. Although the company is heavily biased towards the creation of fashion accessories like beads, footwears, handbags and the likes, other creative ideas are also welcome which would be fully sponsored and financed by the company.
  4. Modelling Agency: FabricAfric has created an avenue for models to ply their trade. Apart from the modelling for the wears created by the company, the company would also act as their agency to approach other company for modelling job.
  5. Clothing Accessories: Our clothing accessories are closely associated with our Creativity Hub. We provide wide ranges of accessories like footwears, bags, beads, cardigans and many more. Most of these products can even be customised as demanded!
  6. Textile Design & Consult: We provide a online and offline consultation and for textile products and their designs, as we can boast of wide arrays of professionals who have spent ages in the textile business.

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The statutory cost of delivery for now is N1,000 from Ado-Ekiti to other parts of the country. Please, always contact the customer service hotline to verify the current cost: +234 805 942 6417 Dismiss