Fashion Business Directory

Introduction to Fashion Business Directory

This year, we are creating a comprehensive and detailed directory for all fashion designers and producers in the fashion industry in Nigeria and Africa in order to promote the creativities and businesses of indigenous fashion producers. These producers include, but not limited to, fashion designers, fabric producers, footwear makers, fashionable bag manufacturers, beads and jewelleries makers, and others not listed here but which are part of our fashion industry.

The directory is scheduled to include the following necessary information of individual producers: (1) the business or company name (2) the physical contact address (3) phone numbers (4) online addresses such as emails, social media IDs (5) Country(s)/State(s)/Province(s) of business location. Visit to register. Alternatively, you can send the information to through any of the following channels: Facebook Messenger (Tayo Fasuan); Company’s email (,; WhatsApp (08030820745).

Interested individuals who wish to include images and pictures of their products should send high-quality soft copies of images intended to be used (minimum of five, maximum of ten), preferably, but not necessarily, images of their product on models. We appeal that the images sent should belong to the producers as FabricAfric would not take responsibility if images copyrights are infringed upon. However, having a directory with these images would cost a token.

Kindly share with fellow fashion designers and producers post to make the information circulate better as we take our local fashion businesses to the next better level this year. Cheers.

Kindly go to the Directory Registration page to fill the form.

Visit our Fashion Business Directory to see list of fashion designers, producers and sellers.